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Welcome to Creative Habits Artisan Jewelry,. My name is Cynthia Hendrickson. My background is in the visual arts, with degrees in cultural anthropology, and natural science, all of which are reflected in my creations.

My Early Years

Since early childhood, I have been involved with the arts at some level. At the tender age of three, my mother enrolled me in a children’s art program at the Denver Fine Arts Museum. I made a clay Appaloosa horse, which I still have. My mother saved my art work, and, as a mature woman viewing my mother’s scrapbook, I realize that creating is simply part of who I am. I was fortunate enough to attend Houston’s The High School for Performing and Visual Arts in my junior and senior years of high school. My experiences at HSPVA were amazing and life changing. I was taught by some of the finest artists in the Houston area. I improved my drawing and design abilities, as well as learned new types of expression in fiber weaving, ceramics, and photography. Outside of the school, I was able to learn the basics of metal fabrication and lost wax casting taught by one of the HSPVA teachers in her personal studio.


After teaching high school science for many years, I am now able to focus on jewelry on a daily basis. My early jewelry was comprised of wire woven pieces, a primarily self-taught technique. After utilizing this technique for five years, I began to take workshops to learn soldering. For the past two years, I have been building my metal fabricating skills, often combining those techniques with wire weaving. I actively participate in juried art shows in Texas.

Artisan Jewelry

All of my work is inspired by a passion for texture and color.  Employing traditional metal fabrication methods such as cutting, forming, texturing, riveting, soldering, I then combine these with fiber and basket weaving techniques to complete the piece.

The Process

The design process begins with a stone as the centerpiece, further enhancing the color, shape, and matrix with woven wire sections.  Most pieces are one-of-a-kind; many of the stones are custom cut and rare in their availability.  


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